Dale Traxler VP, Commerce

Dale has been a digital commerce leader and disrupter since 2002 when he co-founded an online jewelry supply company and grew it to four brands before selling it early in 2012. As a startup entrepreneur and commerce practitioner, he learned that understanding your customer and meeting their expectations is the foundation for success. Other key learnings are that analytics and data are smarter than tribal knowledge, constant iteration and improvement is mandatory, and having a clear vision, strategy and roadmap are table stakes. As CEO, he also was fully immersed in selecting and implementing technologies that supported digital commerce including ERP, CRM, digital marketing, analytics, CMS, PIM, and eCommerce.

Prior to entering the digital commerce space, Dale was a proven sales and marketing leader for companies like Interleaf and Hewlett-Packard, where he ran and dramatically grew the Western Region for one of their enterprise software subsidiaries, Dazel Corporation. From 2000-2002, he worked in a couple of startups – both of which failed – in Boulder, CO, where startup experience is almost mandatory. But, learning from your mistakes is something everyone should do, and that led to his successful stint in the jewelry supply business.

After selling the business, he worked as an independent B2B commerce consultant and as a Contributing Editor for PracitcalEcommerce.com, where he still writes from time to time. In 2014, InsiteCommerce recruited him to assist with building their sales, sales support, and partner teams. During that time, he participated in dozens of B2B implementations with manufacturers and distributors. He successfully transitioned Insite to a partner delivery network before his departure to Rightpoint in 2015.

A fun week for Dale is working with customers to understand their business objectives and aligning them with proper solutions, mentoring internal employees on commerce, spending time with his wife and dogs, staying in contact with his kids, playing golf or skiing, and last but not least, cooking killer dinners to eat with friends and family.