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Monday, February 14, 2022

Driving Scale and Adoption

Co-authored by Dion Charles and Juliette Connolly

It means nothing to acquire, lease or develop cutting edge technology if employees don't integrate these organizational changes into their business practices.

Thought: Driving Scale and Adoption
Driving Scale and AdoptionDion Charles
Thought: Driving Scale and Adoption

Cutting edge technology and tools are strategic goal enablers for organizations. These technical solutions provide the platforms for greater organizational efficiency, increasing collaboration and productivity. However, placing new technology into employees’ hands isn't enough. Employees need to understand why these new technological changes are necessary. They must learn and demonstrate proficiency in utilizing the new technology. Legacy systems and processes must phase out as new systems and processes usher in. Finally, and often the most challenging, employee resistance to change must be addressed from the start. 

The most vivid example of a failing organizational change initiative can be found in relation to remote working. The pandemic forced many companies to embrace a work-from-home narrative, but traditional structures and communication channels within these organizations still have not fundamentally shifted. Instead, companies are focusing their efforts on returning to the office as soon as feasibly possible. To convince employees to return to traditional office life, it's not enough to offer deep office sanitizations and protective barriers between cubicles. Instead, answer their question: “What’s in it for me?” 

Rightpoint’s Approach

At Rightpoint, we partner with our clients to identify, develop and fully integrate the right tools and technology that align to their broader strategic goals. In fact, we widen the strategic aperture to address employee change adoption and adaptation—especially as it relates to organizational behavior and culture. We offer tried-and-true change management practices combined with our unique ability as an experience organization to help customers successfully navigate their change journey. This begins with our ACURE change enablement model for delivering and measuring desired change outcomes: 

The project cannot begin in earnest until there exists some Awareness within the organization that change is forthcoming. Employees need to understand the purpose, value and impact of change outcomes on the organization and within specific stakeholder groups. Plus, they need to know the risks of not changing.

Help your team identify the Correlation between these changes and all existing practices across business frameworks, practices and cultural behaviors. Answer the key question they’ll likely have: “What’s in it for me?” 

Run formal training sessions so that your employees develop an Understanding of how these new systems work. Teach them how to successfully perform new role responsibilities, execute new business processes or utilize new technology when organizational change is complete. 

Next, your employees should be in a state of Readiness for this transformational change. At this point, you can begin incorporating new practices into your team’s role functions. Get ready for a formal launch! 

Evolution is imminent. Once changes are in place, the journey has now transitioned from business disruption into an organizational realignment. Employees will demonstrate proficiency with the new tools and your company can move towards value creation and increased ROI. 

Kick ACURE Into Motion

Our ACURE model is used to assess human change outcomes and validate that the organization has achieved its desired transformative state. At Rightpoint, we’re excited to begin this process with you—contact Rightpoint today to begin a conversation.