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Thursday, June 4, 2020

A Message From Our CEO

By Ross Freedman — Co-founder and Board Member

I am at a loss for words to fully express the array of emotions that I have felt over the last week. We have always talked about our country as a land of opportunities. Yet, as is painfully clear, we have not delivered on that vision. It is heartbreaking that the death of George Floyd is what has powerfully awoken the country to how deep the racial injustices run and how many systemic issues we have. I am hopeful that the solidarity and support that we have witnessed over the last week has created the momentum for us to boldly walk down a sustained path of change that creates a common understanding of the systemic issues and creates a platform for everyone to work towards a resolution. This is not a quick fix.

Thought: A Message From Our CEO
A Message From Our CEOCo-founder and Board Member — Ross Freedman
Thought: A Message From Our CEO

The emotions and reactions are still raw and very different for each person. As we process what has happened and what we need to happen, I encourage everyone to make an effort each day to build trust and create an environment where everyone feels safe and included. But we cannot stop there. I am personally committed to taking steps at the company level to explore our culture and ensure that we compassionately bear witness to each other’s stories and that all voices are heard.  

At our core, we believe in fostering an environment that respects and supports diverse people and ideas. But we know we need to do better. We know we need to act. Over the next few weeks, Rightpoint will prioritize three initiatives that we hope will help us drive meaningful outcomes.

  1. Organize a forum for company-wide dialogue around topics such as allyship, implicit bias, and inequity.

  2. Activate relationships we have in our communities and lay the foundation for future partnerships.

  3. Finalize our plan for the kind of future we want at Rightpoint, including diversity goals and success metrics.

We're humbled by the bravery and leadership of those fighting for a more equitable world and recognize that we're only in the beginning stages of doing our part. Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you that you want to see in the world.” As horrifying as the past days have been, in the last 8-days, I have seen many instances of compassion and thoughtfulness and caring that is giving me hope. I truly believe that if we can anchor ourselves in the good that we have seen and combine it with the hard work that I know we are capable of, we can become a more kind and just nation, that embraces all people with compassion, humanity and equity, no matter their color or race.