Wirtz Beverage Group: A Brand Awareness Case Study

Wirtz on Tap

A successful brand awareness case study displaying how Rightpoint helped this beverage giant boost brand loyalty with a new mobile site.

The Opportunity

Wirtz Beverage Group, a division of Chicago-based Wirtz Corporation, is a leading national distributor of the world’s top luxury and premium wine, spirits and beer brands. With nearly $2 billion in annual sales, Wirtz Beverage counts the world’s elite suppliers as its partners.

As part of its strategic mobile initiative, Wirtz Beverage was looking for a mobile solution that would help to promote and boost brand loyalty by directing company employees, supporters and brand advocates to stores, restaurants and drinking establishments that sell Wirtz Beverage distributed products.

The Insight

To help in its effort to bring the Wirtz Beverage portfolio to life, Rightpoint created “Wirtz on Tap” (m.wirtzbev.com), a mobile site that allows users to find specific brands or determine whether a current location has Wirtz Beverage distributed products.

To create the Wirtz on Tap mobile site, Rightpoint’s team selected Microsoft Azure for its cloud hosting capabilities and its ability to scale as demand grows.

The Solution

Wirtz on Tap is supported across multiple devices and allows users to:

  • Search customer accounts for Wirtz Beverage products
  • Find on and off premise accounts near the user's current location
  • Filter by product category beer/wine/spirits/non-alcoholic
  • Find official Chicago Blackhawks bars!

The Result

Whether dining out or picking something up for the home, "Wirtz on Tap" enables anyone to find Wirtz Beverage products. Moving forward, "Wirtz on Tap" will also include the ability to post feedback and photos, search by product and integrate with Wirtz Beverage social media.

"Wirtz on Tap is amazing! At first stab, it's fast and accurate."

Danny Wirtz, Executive Vice President of Wirtz Beverage Group