Walgreens: An Enterprise Collaboration Case Study

The Wall

See how the nation's largest drugstore chain motivates, connects and empowers their employees.

The Opportunity

Walgreens is no stranger to innovation. Since the first store opened in 1901, Walgreens has been focused on innovating for customers, employees and the industry as a whole. And that need for innovation extended to their intranet, which had grown organically over a number of years. Its interface was due for an update, and the overall user experience needed to be refreshed. Plus, there was now an even higher demand in the business for collaboration and cross-company recognition. The answer was clear: Walgreens needed to build a new intranet and collaboration strategy.

The Insight

Walgreens vision was to create an intranet, called The Wall, with social elements that fostered innovation, collaboration and employee engagement. The three main goals included:

  1. Increase communication and engagement
  2. Inspire innovation and enhance culture
  3. Encourage recognition

It was a significant project and it had to be done correctly, since you never get a second chance to make a first impression. As with any enterprise implementation, the scale and scope of creating The Wall could have easily derailed the project without the right processes and partnerships in place.

The Solution

Initially, Rightpoint was brought onboard to work on the user experience and design of The Wall, but that role quickly expanded in both scope and responsibility as Rightpoint became a trusted partner. This included helping define business requirements, providing project management support, redesigning the site and a separate ideation platform (including designing a new logo for each), defining a content strategy, collaborating on the governance of the site, helping to structure the overall timeline between all the vendors and internal teams involved, and development of the intranet and integration with the ideation platform.

Rightpoint ensured Walgreens was set up for success by supporting the internal Walgreens team in socializing milestones with leadership along the way, and providing constant, clear communication and transparency with the team.

“Rightpoint was truly a go-to partner on this, in the trenches every day (and weekend),” said James Warda, Walgreens internal communications team lead. “I always ask myself one question about any business partner: do they make my life easier or harder? With Rightpoint, they made it easier, hands down.”

George Daumen, Warda's IT partner on the project, echoed Warda's praise, "Rightpoint delivered innovation with execution certainty and high quality."

The Result

The Wall is a next-generation social intranet with robust collaboration functionality that enables team members to connect, collaborate, share ideas and recognize each other. Launched in the fall of 2013, The Wall has now rolled out to more than 7,500 employees, with many more to come. Some other results to date include:

  • More than 40,000 unique conversations (90% business-related, 10% engagement-related)
  • More than 300 online collaboration groups

Additionally, The Wall’s employee communities have demonstrated real business value by providing employees a central place to ask questions, find answers, identify subject matter experts, innovate and drive improvements in the business.

“This experience has shown me how [The Wall] gives us the opportunity to be more engaged and motivated while at work. Contributing to discussions about product ideas and customer experience has made me think more about how what I do every day is connected to and impacts company strategy,” said a Walgreens Help Center team member.