Increased app user base by xx%


SportsLock is a fantasy sports experience empowering players of all skill levels to be the GOAT. Their one-of-a-kind gameplay is changing the way people experience fantasy sports with a mobile-first, real-time, short duration fantasy gameplay.

SportsLock contacted Rightpoint to help increase their user base and audience by making their app accessible to more than just the iOS user base. Originally tasked with creating a responsive web version of their app that allowed users to play without first downloading the application, we soon discovered we could take a more efficient path.


We knew that just releasing a new version of the application for a single new operating system would not enough. Instead of building a new application on Android, we recommended Xamarin, which allows code to be written once and shared across multiple platforms, saving time, effort and budget.

Rightpoint’s creative and strategy side of the house was also enlisted. With a goal to reskin the current app, our creative and UX team started with an envisioning session to get a stronger sense and understanding of the SportsLock brand. After initial conversations, SportsLock realized they would have better user retention if they not only expanded the number of platforms on which the application would work, but also adjusted the user flows. We expanded the focus of our creative and UX teams to encompass a new brand and user interface, as well as changing the user flows to be more efficient.  


Rightpoint built the app on Xamarin, which allowed the SportsLock team to take over maintenance and ongoing updates through their in-house development team when Rightpoint finished. Rightpoint’s front-end team helped push out the new branding just in time for football season and continued to add updated flows to the app throughout the season. The new Android app is now officially available for download alongside the improved iOS app.

Additionally, SportsLock started the 2015 fantasy football season with a new brand and mascot that matched the tone and voice they were targeting.


The end result was a rebranded app that is compatible with iOS and Android. Since the launch on September 1, 2015—just in time for fantasy football season—the app has seen a XX% increase in user base.