Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning Experience


is a real estate investment management firm with with $35.2 billion in assets under management and 12 offices worldwide. Their team involves some of the most experienced investment and research professionals in the industry.

Their current CRM system had not been able to provide the specific content and collaboration they had needed within their team.


Heitman was in need of more robust reporting, an easier interface for tracking activities and improved mobile capabilities. Their team had felt disconnected to insights and they needed a solution that would allow for greater collaboration and client support.

Their vision for CRM included:

  1. Provide a single, authoritative source of client information
  2. Improve productivity, decision making and visibility to outcomes
  3. Accelerate the sales cycle to drive growth
  4. Allow end users to manage all business on their mobile device


Rightpoint and Heitman worked to develop a solution with Salesforce's newest upgrade, Lightning. This solution has provided a better knowledge base, increased productivity, more sales opportunity and the access to data anytime-anywhere.

End users can now drag and drop their opportunities into the different stages of their Opportunity Board as potential sales progress. As well, the new Sales Path UI includes "guidance to success" milestones for end users so that everyone uses the same definitions for where opportunities are in the process, which leads to a better user experience and more consistent sales data for the company. 

The previous CRM had been lacking collaboration and the ability to connect with the team. Now, with Salesforce Lightning, Heitman is able to drive their team more effectively.