Exelon: An Employee Engagement Case Study


An employee engagement case study where Rightpoint helped Exelon put a critical Intranet project back on track to deployment.

The Opportunity

Exelon, the nation's leading competitive energy provider, called on Rightpoint to take over the project from another vendor and jumpstart a stalled development project.

The Insight

With deadlines looming, Rightpoint met with Exelon to discuss its goals and define an aggressive project plan. Rightpoint’s developers know the importance of getting things done right the first time—especially under a tight schedule. First, they confirmed Exelon’s business and functional requirements for the site, broke the project up into time sensitive prioritized chunks of functionality, and worked with the Exelon team to define a release plan. Then they took a deep dive into the half-finished code and architected the solution to ensure scalability and SharePoint best practices.

The Solution

Rightpoint developed a SharePoint intranet to link more than 25,000 Exelon users nationwide—from office personnel to employees onsite at nuclear plants. As part of the project, Rightpoint defined the site’s functional and technical approach, such as page layouts, workflows and content retention policies.

The Result

Rightpoint surpassed Exelon’s expectations, developing a site that:

  • Provides a fast, dependable information resource with a dramatically improved user experience.
  • Enables more efficient collaboration and communication.
  • Reinforces the corporate brand and values.

And, it was delivered on time and on budget.