Aon: A Salesforce Case Study

Aon's Salesforce Relaunch

Created a single business process across 85 countries to support a 7,000 user re-launch


Aon is proud to be the largest insurance broker, risk advisor and benefits consultant firm globally. With an employee base of 66,000, Aon focuses on two of the most important issues in the economy today: risk and people.

In 2006, Aon selected Salesforce as their strategic platform for contact, account, and opportunity management globally. Aon’s launch of Salesforce was ambitious from the outset encompassing 7,000 users across 85 countries and 6 languages


The lack of governance around system changes and enhancements over the years resulted in disparate processes and a growing number of ad-hoc field options. Compounding these challenges, the quality of data had degraded which resulted in the creation of hundreds of thousands of duplicate accounts and contacts. Employees lost faith in the system, no longer trusting the data and executives lost the ability to see a “single version of the truth” in the pipeline to run their business.  

After nine years of use, it became apparent Aon’s Salesforce implementation needed an overhaul to support the current and emerging needs of the firm.

The key business drivers of the re-launch included:  

  1. Create a consistent sales process across a global business
  2. Define and implement an account and data management methodology
  3. Enhance user experience through simplified page layouts
  4. Gain accurate insights into global pipeline through reporting  


Working as a unified team, Rightpoint and Aon quickly went to work establishing a global governance committee that would be responsible for making the key business and technical decisions. The committee was established to ensure a simplified user experience in that each enhancement continued to support a consistent global business process. The committee challenged business user’s enhancement requests to ensure that each request was analyzed and not implemented without proper justification. Guiding principals were established to act as the standards through which all decisions were made by the committee.

The reduction in technical inefficiencies was significant across the board from page layouts to custom fields. This translated into a cleaner and simpler interface for end users but comprehensive enough to capture the accurate data needed by executives.


Rightpoint analyzed thousands of lines of custom code in the existing org and significantly increased the code coverage so the re-launch could take place. In addition, a strategy and plan was put in place for what custom code should be included in the initial re-launch versus future phased releases. This was done to ensure a solid technical foundation was in place that could be supported and developed in future years.

Salesforce case study Aon