Tom Keuten

Account Executive, Michigan

Adding value to customer organizations by solving challenging problems with technology and people.

With almost 20 years of information technology and digital consulting experience, Tom helps clients define their digital strategy and works with project teams to make sure the vision and value proposition in the strategy is actually realized.

Tom’s consulting background with clients served throughout the US and around the world allows him to provide a unique perspective on best practices in industry and how to leverage them to drive value through digital employee and customer engagement.  He is fortunate to know what “good” looks like and can lead organizations on a journey to get there.

While at Rightpoint, Tom has been working across technology channels such as Microsoft and to help his customers with solutions that improve employee retention and value, or drive better customer experiences and additional revenue. Prior to working for Rightpoint, Tom held leadership roles with Sogeti, Pariveda and Hitachi Consulting.


  • University of Notre Dame – MBA
  • Central Michigan University – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

What Matters to Tom

  • Making a positive impact
  • Leading by example
  • Exceptional experiences with amazing people