"We don't just make things pretty, we make them pretty awesome."

Tim Stahl

Creative Practice Lead

A natural creative thinker who is passionate about creating an emotional connection between consumers and brands, looking at every project as a brand genesis—a way of extending and evolving the overall brand experience.

Tim is a motivated and active leader in the creative direction of the company and leads the creative practice through design, implementation and oversight. With over 18 years of subject matter expertise and leadership experience, he is responsible for managing, growing and developing the Creative Practice. Through his leadership he manages, motivates and inspires the best and brightest designers.

Tim joined Rightpoint in 2010 following many years working with brand and advertising agencies focused in strategy, brand concept, identity and collateral, website design, photography and electronic campaigns.

What Matters to Tim

  • The Big Idea
  • The Little Details
  • My Little Ones (the C's)