Scott Hamilton

Account Executive, Enterprise Solutions

Creator of technology solutions focused on User Experience and Adoption for Collaboration, Business Intelligence, CRM and Cloud Strategy service offerings.

With more than 16 years in customer facing Information Technology sales, Scott helps clients define their digital strategy around Collaboration, Social Computing and Content Management solutions.

Scott's strong understanding of the target market and his ability to create strategies for growing client bases has resulted in millions of dollars in revenue gain for his clients. With his broad knowledge of technology, his deep understanding of the sales cycle and the vast network he has created, Scott has a successful foundation for developing and managing client relationships at the Executive level.

While at Rightpoint, Scott has been working across various technology channels such as Microsoft and to help his customers create strategies that drive client revenue and reduce operational costs. Prior to working for Rightpoint, Scott spent 5 years at Acquity Group/Accenture leading the development of customer relationships around eCommerce, Content Management and Digital Strategy. Over the course of his career, Scott has also become adept at building global teams in support of client projects.


Purdue University, Communication

What Matters to Scott

  • Providing the right solution to the customer.
  • Providing an awesome customer experience.
  • Spending time loving my wife and 3 children.