"Fear the Cachenado."

Jonathan Rupp

Technical Architect

A technical architect, lead developer, advisor and problem-solver focused on delivering results on the .Net platform.

Jonathan is an experienced architect and developer with a strong history of delivering client-focused solutions on the .Net and SharePoint platforms. Throughout the past 10+ years, he has designed complex systems to handle secured master-master replication of data around the world, done performance tuning of high-performance trading systems, customized applications to better allow teams to collaborate in a familiar environment, and built web-based systems with the latest technologies to maximize value for minimal development time. 

Jonathan lends his expertise to projects in many capacities: devising efficient approaches to complex problems, shepherding a project from inception through maintenance, pushing a project across the finish line by analyzing and solving tough performance issues, and advising clients on the future direction of their custom development projects.


Taylor University, Computer Science

What Matters to Jonathan

  • Software development
  • Building the right solution
  • College football