“We share a destiny with our customers. Their success is our success, their failure is our failure.”

Jesse Murray

Michigan Office Lead

The success of our business is predicted by two things; 1) knowing what we do well and 2) doing it.

The first point speaks to focus, and understanding of the who and why of our business and the willingness to not be everything to everyone but rather be only who you are. This point drives excellence at all levels of business; clear sales message, developed expertise and repeatable solutions and accurate client delivery expectations.

The second point is as simple as it sounds, do what you have committed to do. Business is complex, projects are difficult and conversations can be difficult. We are consultants, it is our responsibility to help steer our customers along that journey.

Jesse joined Rightpoint in 2012 to establish and grow the Michigan business.

What Matters to Jesse

  • Making an impact—whatever you do on your journey makes an impact on some
  • Setting a high bar for excellence and then being accountable for getting there
  • Camping with my wife, Kristina, and children, Ayden, Kailey, Ashlyn, Dylan and Riley