Chris Domino

Technical Architect

If society had starving programmers instead of starving artists, I would be on the street with a sign that reads: "Will code for food."

Domino has been designing, building, mentoring, consulting, and writing about software for over ten years. His clients have seen increases in adoption, automation, integration, collaboration, and most importantly, imagination of what could be done next. Specializing in SharePoint, Domino has helped design three developer exams for Microsoft, and published over 150 blog posts about SharePoint and .NET development. His book, “Deployment Driven Design,“ helps architects through the weeds of how best to successfully go live with their SharePoint work.

He has recently been made the co-leader of Rightpoint’s “SharePoint Tribe.” His the goal is to enhance SharePoint’s presence as a development platform in the firm’s modern tech landscape. By infusing SharePoint with ASP.NET Core, Azure, and the latest client side frameworks, his new team will deliver higher and higher degrees of business excellence and technical precision in their solutions.


Systems Analysis degree from Miami University

What Matters to Chris

  • Living Noel Coward’s quote: “Work is more fun than fun.”
  • Fervently helping my teams write beautiful software that our clients will love.
  • Constantly finding new and loving ways to annoy my wife.