Monday, November 20, 2017

Git Stash Movember Compassion Crew Update

Bryan Gulley, Sr. Developer, FED-Presentation

I’m a web developer at Rightpoint and I was asked to write a blog post for Movember. Hopefully, that explains the title.

At Rightpoint, November is synonymous with Movember, one of our biggest Compassion Crew campaigns. Throughout the month, all of the offices partake in a flurry of follicle festivities leading up to the “Flavor Savor Brunch”—where we celebrate our finely stached friends and vote on the best facial hair styles. It’s really an amazing collaboration across the whole company, and clearly demonstrates just how passionate Rightpointers are about supporting causes that are important to one another.

I have many loved ones, both family and friends, that have been affected by cancer. My grandfather lost his battle to prostate cancer July of 2012. My aunt’s wife lost her battle with lung cancer last year. A good friend, colleague, and former Rightpointer, Steve Rousopoulos is currently fighting stage 4 cancer. So it should come as no surprise, out of all our Compassion Crew events, Movember is the most important to me.

When I joined Rightpoint in January, I learned about Compassion Crew and specifically, that Movember was a big deal. Some of my interviews were with people that were participating in last year's campaign. When my grandfather passed away, Movember became THE cause I wanted to support. Naturally, seeing how involved everyone at Rightpoint is with Compassion Crew campaigns was a deciding factor in my decision to join Rightpoint. As I reflect on this last year with Rightpoint, I know I made the "right" choice.

Rightpoint values its people and the causes we are passionate about. The passion people have for the work they do and the causes they support is second to none. I've been truly humbled by the opportunity to work with brilliant people, and to be part of the Movember campaign.

Bryan Gulley is a Senior Front End Developer at Rightpoint. You can follow Bryan on Twitter or LinkedIn.