Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Salesforce Lighting Experience is Here to Stay

With the winter ’16 release, Salesforce made a poignant statement about the future of the CRM marketplace. Since the release, we have heard the same question from many of our clients: “Is Lighting for real?” Our answer is an emphatic YES.

It’s a fair question. The current feature set and degree of change lead many decision makers to view Lighting as a risk, however, at Rightpoint we view the Lighting upgrade as an opportunity as well as a reality. More than a flat UI and an associated Apple Watch app, Lightning is designed to fundamentally change the way our organizations sell. Specifically, to orient the sales process entirely around the customer.

One of Salesforce’s main value propositions is its release cadence of upgrades. Year over year, new features are released that extend the product. For those who work with Salesforce every day, Salesforce is making their intentions regarding Lightning clear with every release. New functionality like the separation of Chatter and global search is being developed only in Lightning. This is because lighting is faster, easier to use, and has a more modern professional design. Put simply, Lighting is the future.

From a market perspective, this makes perfect sense.  One of the strongest trends we see in the market today is a shift in focus from internal process toward a more Customer centric solution that delivers:

  1. Real-time customer insights
  2. Mobile first technology
  3. A modern look and feel
  4. High adoption because employees actually like to use it

The Lightening Experience is packed with features that fit these market trends like a glove:

Account Insights – In the age of the customer oriented sales process, understanding the context of the Customer is crucial.  This cool new feature adds relevant and timely news articles about your Customers from around the web, which help reps stay up to date on the Customers/industries that they work with.

Lead/Opportunity Sales path -  This feature allows reps to quickly understanding Leads and Opportunities at a glance.  This increases adoption by making their experience more streamlined and intuitive. Sales path allows you to centralize your sales process and structure which acts as a kind of virtual sales coach. Your sales team can easily see what needs to be done next for each deal, leading to better organized deals and more wins for your organization.

Mobile Mobile Mobile – The Lighting Platform was originally built for Salesforce 1. This means that every desktop Lightning experience on was built with mobile in mind.  This mobile first approach provides a modern and cohesive experience between desktop and mobile.

That UI! – Users want to feel like they’re working with top of the line products.  With the release of Lighting, Salesforce’s UI went from weakness to strength. The modern look and feel in Lightning gives users a state of the art experience on both desktop and mobile.