Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exciting New Enhancements And Features With 2015 Winter Release

With the 2015 Winter Release, Salesforce has a lot to say about Opportunities and Collaborative Forecasting and a few other very cool features. Here is a brief overview on what’s new.

A good way to get your sales team to collaborate and work together on deals and still give all members credit is using Overlay Splits. This is different from the existing features: Opportunity Splits. Overlay splits allow team members who don’t own the Opportunity, but may have helped still receive credit by being able to associate splits to any percentage of the Opportunity Amount. Another feature that goes along with the Overlay Splits is Overlay Forecasting. Overlay Forecasting allows management to forecast directly from the Overlay Splits by using the amount of the Opportunity, role hierarchy and the split percentage.

Also associated with Opportunities are two other very cool features – Adjustment Notes and the Expected Revenue field. End Users/Sales team members often want to know why an adjustment may have been made to a forecast. Managers can add notes to forecast adjustments allowing for the end user to see the reason behind the adjustment.

Another cool feature is the Expected Revenue field. When sales team members enter an Opportunity or are in the process of pursuing an Opportunity sometimes the actual revenue that may be won is more or less that what is listed in the Amount field. The Expected Revenue fields allows for an End User to account for the negative or positive difference from what is populated in the Amount field.