Author: Brian King

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XCTest and Optional Unwrapping

XCTest is designed to help write tests in Swift and is used for Swift packages and applications. The preferred unit test Swift organizes test cases and asserts expectations in your application code. One of the biggest challenges to Unit Testing in Swift is often the setup. XCTest helps manage optionals Swift, Swift guard let and Swift assertions. Learn the problem with XCTest and the simple fix to help you use it in a more efficient way.

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Method Dispatch in Swift

Learn more about how Swift Method and Swift dispatch works. From direct dispatch to nsobject in Swift, take a tour through method dispatch and understand a bit more about using Swift.

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Writing Libraries for Swift 2.x and 3.0 Compatibility

Learn more about Swift libraries and how to check the Swift versions for compatibility. Discover how to check swift versions and swift libraries from expert developers, and develop a strategy for using the Swift Standard Library and Cocoa libraries in a call site-compatible manner.

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Core Data Type Safety with Swift

Learn more about Core Data with Swift. From Core Data itself to a Swift Core Data tutorial, see how to reduce the amount of force casting and optional unwrapping in your code.

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