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Rightpoint’s Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) offer helps consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies modernize their digital commerce experience for both new and existing clients. Built on Adobe Commerce, this offering is helping brands develop a stronger relationship with customers while providing real-time product information. This results in more confident purchases, which can help strengthen brand loyalty. 


Many CPG companies struggle with building loyalty within traditional distribution channels, like groceries stores, specialty shops, and marketplaces like Amazon. By building out an Adobe Commerce platform with the Rightpoint DTC Offering, CPG companies are realizing success in new areas. Rightpoint’s strategy is centered around both content and commerce to enable CPG companies to reach both new and loyal customers via a new channel.




Benefits of using this offering:

  • Build Brand Loyalty
  • Enable real time product information to be delivered to clients to enhance their product knowledge.
  • Develop new channels for sales and reach new markets for products.
  • Empower manufactures to control product information real-time.
  • Grow business faster – Strong ROI

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